Agneepath Recruitment Scheme 2022 [registration, salary, recruitment]

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The Agneepath recruitment scheme is to be launched by the Indian government for defence troops. The candidates hired under the scheme will have to serve in the defence force for four years. Three service chiefs are to announce the news of the scheme launch with other details. Previously, the chiefs have briefed on the details of the scheme of the Prime Minister of state. The Department of Military Affairs is responsible for planning the scheme and helping in its successful launch. Further, Chief of the Army Staff Manoj Pandey states that they would consider strategies of different countries. If you want further details about the scheme, read the following part of the article, and know the eligibility criteria for registering for the scheme.

Agneepath Recruitment Scheme 2022

Scheme NameAgneepath recruitment scheme
 Initiator Indian government
Target group of schemeMilitary troops
Tenure for hiring troopsFour years
Motive of scheme launchFacilitate more troops for a short period
Scheme launch by the governmentThe government wants to reduce expenditure and the age of defence forces
Scheme has been launched byDefence Minister Rajnath Singh

However, after four years, almost 80% of the soldiers would be relieved from duty and helped by the armed forces for further employment options. The disciplined youths can also look for jobs in many corporations to serve the nation. Therefore, it can be expected that the agniveers would get job preference in state government and PSUs after completing their tenures.

What are the highlighting features of the scheme?

  1. Aim to launch the scheme – The primary purpose is to hire armed forces to serve the nation for four years.
  2. Target individuals under the scheme – The defence troops are the targets in the scheme to be hired to serve the nation for a given time.
  3. Benefits of employing armed forces – The calculations by armed forces show that there can be thousands of savings, pension benefits, and allowance if the soldiers are taken for duty.
  4. Deploying the recruited armed forces – The best of the armed forces can continue their job even after the tenure is completed if there are vacancies for the same.  
  5. Department to help scheme implementation – The department of military affairs is given the charge of assisting in the successful implementation of the scheme. It will initiate the training of short troops as per tenures.
  6. Defence budget – A total of 5,25,166 crore is the decided defence budget for the current year, and it includes rupees 1,19,696 as the pension of the defence persons.

Therefore, being part of the scheme and training process would help the armed forces to have a youthful profile and get better opportunities based on this in the future. 

Enrollment of Agniveers for different ranks

It is said that 25% of the total armed forces will be recruited under the regular cadre position after the completion of their four-year service. However, all candidates can apply for the cadre position voluntarily. In this regard, the ministry added that the candidates must serve for another 15 years per officer rank in the Indian Army.

What are the Terms and Conditions for the recruitment process?

The recruitment under this scheme will be for a distinct rank, not the same as the existing ones. However, after completion of the four years tenure, the armed forces can apply for a permanent position, which would be considered based on objective criteria. It will be checked as per performance, and up to 25% of each batch of candidatescan apply for the regular cadre in the armed forces. 

The agniveers will be enrolled via an online system, including campus interviews and rallies from technical institutes such as the Industrial Training Institutes. It will be per the “All India All Class’ category, where the age eligibility will be 17 to 21 years. Moreover, the candidates must pass medical eligibility to get appointed in any particular trader or type. The basic educational qualification required is class 10 for the posts.

Who are eligible to register for the scheme?

The interested candidates should check the eligibility criteria to register for the scheme.

  • Identification details – Armed forces who apply for the scheme should be natives of the country, and armed forces from other countries aren’t eligible for this scheme
  • Armed forces – The armed troops should have a minimum of training when applying for the tenure of four years
  • Educational details – The candidates applying for the posts should furnish suitable educational background details to justify their eligibility in the same 
  • Age limit – The age limit for the armed forces should be 18 to 25 years

However, the enrolment process for the scheme will be open for both men and women, and the tenure of four years will include the training period. A total of 46,000 armed forces are to be recruited this year, as has been announced by state government authority. The recruitment structure under this scheme will be based on strategies of different countries, with little modification and change. It will be as per the needs of the Indian Armed Forces.

Documents required to furnish for scheme registration

  • Identification documents – The candidate should furnish suitable documents such as an Aadhaar card, PAN card and the equivalent at the time of applying for the scheme. 
  • Background details – The candidate should furnish documents that justify that they are armed forces and give correct certificates

Process of registering for the scheme

The scheme has been announced on the 14th of June, and yet to announce other registration details. The interested candidates have to keep an eye on their respective portals. The official sites are


Benefits that armed forces will get from the scheme

The benefits under the scheme include a customized salary package with added hardship and risk allowance. After four years, they would get the one-time SevaNidhi package to honor their contribution with accrued interest.  

Besides, the state government will check the accumulated amount along with interest. If the recruits contribute 5.02 lakhs, at the exit, it will become rupees 11.71 lakhs, termed as SevaNidhi funds. The amount paid to the armed forces will be exempted from Income Tax.

AgniVeer Vayu’ Recruitment 2022

‘AgniVeer Vayu’ Recruitment to be done soonIndian Air Force has announced the recruitment of AgniVeer Vayu’. Those who are willing to join India Air Force would get addressed as Agniveer Vayu after the recruitment. Air Marshal Suraj Kumar Jha addressed the media that there is going to be no change in the recruitment process. It is noteworthy to state that all enrollments in Air Force will be under Agniveer Vayu. In the first year, Agniveers would be 2% in the army. However, it will reach 6,000 in the fifth year. “Agniveer Vayu” would get recruited for four years. Afterward, only 25% of “Agniveer Vayu” would be giving their permanent to the army. This entire process would be decided by Air Force.

FAQ on the scheme

Q- What is the meaning of the scheme?

ANS- It is a pan India and short-term recruitment scheme aimed at the armed forces.

Q- What is the age limit to register under the scheme?

ANS- The age limit is 18 to 25 years

Q- What is the service period granted as part of the scheme?

ANS- It is four years that would include rigorous training for the position

Q- What is the salary package of Agniveers under the scheme?

ANS- The annual package starts from rupees 4.76 lakh and can go up to 6.92 lakhs by the end of service. It includes allowances and non-contributory insurance.

Q- Are women eligible to register for the scheme?

ANS- Yes, women are eligible

Q- Which is the official portal to apply for the scheme?

ANS- The portals are,, and

Q- What will the training process include?

ANS- It would be at par with armed forces cadre, including military exercises.

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